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Wind Claims

Every year, thousands of homes and businesses across the state sustain serious damage from high winds. The days following the catastrophe can be particularly difficult, as cleaning up and attempting to move on can take a huge emotional and financial toll on everyone affected. Turning to their insurance company to seek assistance for their losses should not contribute further to an individual’s suffering.

Unfortunately, insurers will often find reasons to undervalue, delay, or deny insurance claims—which is certainly unfair to the individuals who have experienced losses and who are expecting to obtain the insurance coverage they have diligently been paying premiums for. Insurance providers may argue that the premiums were not paid promptly, that the insured failed to follow conditions outlined in the insurance policy, that the claim was fraudulent, or that the damage was not included under the policy’s provisions.

As a policyholder, you are entitled to receive a prompt and fair settlement of your claim for property damaged due to wind. After all, your insurance provider has a legal duty to settle your claim in good faith and in a timely manner. If your insurance company fails to provide you the coverage you are rightfully due, you may have certain rights under the law.

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Common Windstorm Damages

Mighty winds exceeding 50 mph can lead to all kinds of damage to your home or business, sometimes resulting in such destruction to the roof that it requires complete replacement. Windstorms may loosen the roof tiles or shingles of your home, compromising the reliability of your roof. Flying debris can cause great damage to doors and windows, also ripping out tiles, gutters, and siding. Lawn furniture, tools, and other items typically kept outside could be blown away or destroyed.

Wind damage can certainly be catastrophic, but the damage can often be far more serious than it initially appears. If the winds are powerful enough to bring down power lines and trees onto your property, your home might also sustain structural damage. Frayed electrical cables could potentially start fires that further destroy your home and everything in it. Mold from moisture might result from a breach of your property.

Filing a Wind Damage Claim

When filing a wind damage insurance claim, the first step you should take is to contact your property damage insurance provider. You may have numerous insurance providers for different kinds of insurance, and so it is critical that you call the correct provider.

It is essential to keep documentation of every conversation that you have with your insurance provider regarding the damage, as well as keep every receipt for damage-related costs and repairs. You should make it a point to take both photographs and video footage of the initial damage and all throughout the claims process. Any documentation you have may be used as evidence to help you recover damages should the insurance company dispute your claim.

You may need to take steps to avoid sustaining any further damage on your property after the initial wind damage has transpired. It is possible for the insurance company to deny your entire claim if there is any additional damage that you could have prevented.

When to Hire a Windstorm Insurance Lawyer

Quick action is a must when it comes to windstorm damage claims, and so policyholders cannot afford to take their time or make mistakes. You should consider hiring a windstorm insurance lawyer in the following circumstances:

  • When you need help filing and preparing your proof of loss
  • When your claim has been unfairly underpaid, delayed, or denied
  • You have reason to believe your insurance company is treating you unfairly

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