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ANDREW COOK is the founder of The Cook Law Firm, PLLC. Andrew was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas and earned his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. After graduating law school, Andrew moved to Houston, Texas, where he entered practice with a highly respected commercial litigation and civil defense firm.

Despite the hands-on experience and quality mentoring he received, Andrew knew that he had not become a lawyer in order to shield corporations from responsibility. It was then that Andrew shifted his career path to representing individuals and small businesses whose insurance carriers had exploited the property owners’ trust and had attempted to settle the owners’ Hurricane Ike claims for pennies on the dollar. The experience and knowledge that he gained through litigating Hurricane Ike claims against many of the nation’s largest property insurers provides him a considerable advantage in litigating claims against the big national insurers, but it is his personal experience with the devastation caused by natural disasters that drives his work in this area.

Andrew has lived through two massive hurricanes (Rita, which struck his hometown, Beaumont, Texas, in 2005 and Ike, which struck Galveston and Houston, Texas in 2008), and he has witnessed first-hand the effects—both financial and emotional—of insurance companies’ bad faith claims-handling. As a result of having seen his family, friends, and neighbors suffer unjustly due to their insurance companies’ bad faith, Andrew is zealously committed to taking the fight to big companies that callously and routinely ignore the duty they owe to their clients, customers, policyholders, and the public at large to act as responsible corporate citizens. Andrew is committed to fighting for the individual—usually as the underdog—in all cases where corporate greed causes unjustified individual loss.

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