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Hail Claims

Hailstorms can cause extensive damage due to a combination of pouring hail, strong winds, and heavy rain. This force of nature can destroy homes and businesses, resulting in demolished windows, roofs, and sometimes even a wrecked interior.

When a natural disaster such as a hailstorm hits, policyholders rightfully assume their insurance company will insure their loss. After all, they deserve what they pay for—coverage. However, policyholders may find that their insurance company has instead wrongfully underpaid or denied their hailstorm claim.

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Examples of Hail Damage

During major hailstorms, the damage done to homes and other types of properties may be as clear as day. Even a less severe hailstorm often leaves a trail of obvious losses. In the wake of a hailstorm, some examples of hail damage include:

  • Broken screens and windows
  • Holes, cracks, tears, and discolored areas on shingles
  • Lost granules on shingles
  • Dented downspouts, gutters, and gutter screens
  • Damage to siding and windowsills
  • Damage to air conditioner units and other outdoor items
  • Damage to vehicles

While property owners may easily spot obvious damage, the destruction resulting from hailstorms can also be difficult to find—especially at first. This unnoticed damage can worsen over time, developing into major problems weeks, months, or even years later. It is important to have a professional independently evaluate potential hail damage to help ensure that you do not come across any unwelcome surprises long after you have settled for less.

Possible Acts of Bad Faith Used by the Insurance Company

Homes are generally considered a person’s biggest investment and asset. When hailstorms cause significant damage to a home, the insured should not be left battling with their insurance company for coverage. Even with hailstorm loss coverage, the insured all too often find that insurance companies do not always have the best interests of their policyholders at heart.

The insurance company may act in bad faith. These acts may include:

  • Failing to open your claim
  • Failing to respond to your claim
  • Insisting that pre-existing damage existed
  • Delaying the claims process unnecessarily
  • Using an unreasonable standard to deny your claim
  • Blaming damage on manufacturing defects
  • Failing to explain the terms of your policy
  • Intentionally misleading you about your policy’s terms
  • Arguing that damage requires minor repairs only and not full replacement
  • Only paying for a portion of the damage
  • Undervaluing damage or loss to your home

Rights of the Insured After a Hailstorm

Insurance companies are regulated corporations with the legal duty of handling the claims of their policyholders in a fair and timely manner. Once property has been damaged by hail, the insured have the right to pursue fair settlements from their insurance provider.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are infamous for dragging their feet and creating excuses. After all, they are in the business primarily to make money and not to pay claims, and so pursuing a settlement is not always an easy process. An experienced attorney can level the playing field and identify any unlawful reasons that an insurance company may be disputing, underpaying, or denying your claim.

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Filing a hailstorm insurance claim should not be a fight. After all, most homeowners and commercial property owners have neither the time nor the expertise to successfully deal with a large insurance company armed with a team of defense attorneys and insurance adjusters.

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